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A moissanite ring you long desire

We know it. You like your ring to be beautiful. We go to great lengths to design our rings to ensure they are what you desire.

A engaged woman covering her face with a moissanite ring on the other hand
A halo moissanite ring with ocean in the background
Hand wearing a moissanite engagement ring with lovely scenery at the back
Wearing a moissanite ring with sea in the background
Wearing a moissanite ring with sea and bushes in the background
An engaged girl wearing a moissanite ring holding a bunch of flowers

Why us

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Free Shipping

We make shipping simple. We offer free air shipping no matter where you are on all orders and free return on first-time resizing orders.

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Free Resizing

We provide a unique experience. We offer free resizing on all rings and free two-way shipping.

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Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the quality of Esmé Roche rings. When you order an Esmé Roche ring, you receive a lifetime warranty. From repairs to polishing, let us know if we can be of service.

3 Simple Steps

Stress Free Buying

Be this casual or engagement ring, ordering a ring should always be simple and easy

Step 1

Choose Your Style

Let our craftmanship impress you. Choose from our wide range of shapes from round to heart.

We uphold high standards; our moissanite is of the highest grade D (colourless) and VVS2 (inclusions invisible by the naked eye).

Our Philosophy
Step 2

Select the Ring

Let us know the carat weight, metal base, ring size and engraved message.

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Step 3

A Beautiful Ring

In 16-20 business days your handmade ring will be delivered with an alluring box. You can have a peace of mind with our lifetime warranty and free re-sizing.

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  • “I generally don’t leave comments but this is exactly what I want; the moissanite engagement ring is beautiful, durable and nature friendly!”

  • Chloe Anne-Barr
  • “My moissanite is fabulous! Nath (my boyfriend) and Esmé Roche gave me the best Valentine’s day!”

  • Sarah Bielby
  • “Rejoycing with my 1.25 carat – perfect size, perfect carat and perfect moissanite ring!”

  • Jessica East