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  • 4 Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size (Without Her Knowing!)

    After all the research, you have the perfect engagement ring in mind. There's only one roadblock left - you don't know her ring size!!

    Keeping a secret proposal is challenging enough, but finding out her ring size secretly and discreetly can be even more so!

    We would show you 4 ways to find out the answer! Some may be easy but not give the most accurate answer whereas others can be hard and accurate!

  • How To Measure Her Ring Size

    Please print out our engagement rings size guide to measure her ring size. Before you print it out, please make sure you do so on a A4 size paper a...
  • What is Moissanite?

    Many have questions about diamond and moissanite. You may be surprised to learn that they are different types of gemstones. Let us walk you through the similarities and differences!