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4 Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size (Without Her Knowing!)

After all the research, you have the perfect engagement ring in mind. There's only one roadblock left - you don't know her ring size!!

Keeping a secret proposal is challenging enough, but finding out her ring size secretly and discreetly can be even more so!

We would show you 4 ways to find out the answer! Some may be easy but not give the most accurate answer whereas others can be hard and accurate!

1. Compare Her Finger Size to Yours

Level of Difficulty: 1/10

You can do this simply by looking at her hand without saying anything. It is easy but can be error prone!

2. Find Family or Friends to Help

Level of Difficulty: 3/10

A friend or family member asking for her ring size is way less obvious than if you were to do so. She is unlikely to suspect that you ask other people to help find out the answer to this key puzzle!

If she has a recently engaged friend, perfect! Ask her to let your girlfriend try on her ring and have the friend ask for her ring size.

The crux of the matter is, of course, her friends and family can keep secret!

3. Borrow Her Rings

Level of Difficulty: 6/10

You may figure out her ring size by borrowing her rings temporarily. Normally we wouldn't condone taking anything without her permission, but in this case, we think it's for a good cause!

The trick is to be stealthy; take note of where she keeps her rings, whether it be in a jewelry box or if she puts them on the nightstand as she goes to shower or get ready.

It is important to know which finger and hand she wears the ring; a woman's dominant hand is usually larger than her less dominant hand. 

Once you have the ring, you can do any of the 3 things below depending on the amount of time you have.

  1. If you have plenty of time, take it to a local jeweler to have it sized.
  2. If you have some time, print out our free Ring Size guide and measure it.
  3. If you have no time, just place the ring on a piece of paper and trace a circle around the middle. Please bear in mind that this may not be the most accurate, but you would have a good idea.

4. Sneak it into Conversation

Level of Difficulty: 8/10

This is the hardest. Are you ready? If you can smoothly ask for her ring size in a conversation, it's awesome!

You can be creative about how to do it. You could say you are ordering a ring for your sister, mother or relative for their birthday and would her finger size as a benchmark.

Final Words

There are a lot of ways to do this, so just be creative! Hopefully you can give give her a perfect surprise!