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How To Measure Her Ring Size

Please print out our engagement rings size guide to measure her ring size. Before you print it out, please make sure you do so on a A4 size paper and set page scaling to ‘none’.


A ring size ruler wrapping around a hand

2 Ways to Measure

Option 1: Measure with a Ring. Place a ring on the size circles and choose the circle that matches the inside edge of your ring.

Option 2: Measure with a Ruler. After you cut out the ruler, carefully cut the line to create a slit. Wrap the ruler around your finger at the base and pull the tapered end through the slit. To make sure the ring will fit comfortably, we suggest also measuring your knuckle.

Some More Tips!

  1. Your dominant hand is slightly larger than the other hand. So, make sure you measure the right finger of the correct hand because the finger size may differ slightly.
  2. The best time to measure her finger size is the end of the day because it changes throughout the day.
  3. If the knuckle is bigger, please take two measurements and choose the size in between - ring should not be loose when it fits over the knuckle.
  4. If you are unsure of her size and would like to give her a surprise, you could purchase the standard ring size (woman is usually 6 to 6.5 and man is usually US 9 to 10). If the size turns out not to be correct, don’t worry, you can contact us for a free resizing!