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What sets us apart

Every story has a beginning

In Esmé Roche, we see elegance and beauty all around us. Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. The search for elegance and beauty is a never ending journey.

Our designers and jewelers work to bring out the sublime aura of each moissanite to enhance its beauty in order to handcraft the perfect moissanite casual or engagement rings for you.

We put you first

We believe that ordering a ring should be an enjoyable experience; our clear and transparent information about moissanite rings would give you confidence and put your heart at ease.

We also understand that you would have questions from time to time, our designers and jewelers are just a click away to answer your questions in a chatbox.

Indeed, our creations represent the fusion of exceptional quality and brilliance. Each ring is designed to tell a unique personal story of the person who wears and loves it.